Oct 3, 2015 Berlin Blog Dabke Tanz Workshop

Dabke Tanz Workshop

Dabke Tanz Workshop

On Saturday, we were happy to welcome a large group of dancing enthusiasts at our first Dabke workshop in Neukölln. The Syrian dancers and the drummer did not only teach us about the different styles and occasions in which Dabke is usually being danced from an early age, but simply infected us with their joy to move ecstatically to the rhythm. As usual at Über den Tellerrand, there was also time for conversations and getting to know each other as well as sharing some delicious breakfast with cake, coffee and tea.

Is there a more joyful way of getting to know another culture than dancing? have a watch!

We hope to meet you again soon for some more Dabke!

What is Dabke?

Dabke is an Arab folk circle dance performed in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine, with specific characteristics in each of the countries. It is widely performed at weddings and other family gatherings or, as we learned on Saturday, whenever you are in a good mood and want to celebrate with your friends.