Sep 8, 2015 Berlin Blog Egyptian Night

Egyptian Night

Egyptian Night

On Thursday Egypt was present all around. A delicious variety of Egyptian Starters opened the evening: Baba Ghnoug, Foul and Hummus accompanied people chatting and getting to know each other.

Our cook Ahmed from Cairo whipped up his best recipe for Egyptian bread and shared his knowledge on baking and traditional Egyptian cooking.

Learning more about recent happenings in Egypt, we all dived into the documentary called “Art war” – a movie portraying the lives of young Egyptian artists in the time span after Arab Spring until the fall of president Mursi and the Muslim Brothers. We give very special thanks to Marco Wilms, the director and filmmaker behind “Art War”, who joined our Egyptian Night in order to answer questions regarding the movie – Thank you Marco for giving a platform for dialogue and food for thought.

Thanks to everyone involved, the evening opened doors and taught some of us a lot more about the events in modern Egypt and about its wonderful People.