Jul 27, 2015 Berlin Blog KITCHEN HUB Summer School

KITCHEN HUB Summer School

KITCHEN HUB Summer School

KITCHEN-HUB Summer School 2015 27.7.2015-28.8.2015 

We finally found our new home! Now let the construction works begin…

During an intense phase starting on July 27th we will let our big dream come true and design and build the KITCHEN-HUB - a unique place of encounters in Berlin Schöneberg! Therefore we teamed up with Nina from CoCoon - contextual construction, based at the School of Architecture of the Technische Universität Berlin. She will direct a Summer School with Architecture and Design Students and we are now looking for another 5 community members to join the core team!

Main functions of the KITCHEN-HUB will include a multifunctional room where our events, such as cooking classes, workshops, community meetings, etc. can take place as well as a functional kitchen, offices, storage and a workshop. All of this needs to be designed and built by our own hands and as you are the ones that know us best it would be amazing if some of you would join the Summer School. All you need is time: We will work intensely for 5 weeks from July 27th to August 28th every day during the week. 

Various experts and craftsmen will be envolved and you will gain a lot of experience in designing and building: we will design, calculate, choose materials, select colors, cut wood, nail, hammer, paint, cook, redesign, screw, write, laugh and much much more … 

And: Even if you don't have the time to take part in the summer school there will be many, many more community activities around the KITCHEN-HUB in the very future - stay tuned! Looking forward to an intense and memorable summer experience with you!