Jul 18, 2015 Berlin Blog We are growing!

We are growing!

We are growing!

Über den Tellerrand grows into so much more than cooking: passed Saturday one of our first spin-off projects “Über den Tellerrand wachsen” hosted its first event – high above the rooftops of Berlin.

Together with the lovely people from the Sharehaus Refugio, the rooftop of Lenaustraße 3-4 got a fresh make-over: the busy helpers designed and built plantboxes, chill areas and everything else in order to create a blissful urban garden atmosphere. With a lot of effort and a whole day of crafting and building, an amazing green spot more is growing in Berlin for its people to enjoy!

For all the working hands and for everyone else who wanted to join, the warm summer evening invited to the first big barbecue and dancing party. Food was shared, Lemonaid’s liquid wonders bore refreshment and Ben&Jerry’s ice cream enchanted us on this hot summer eve. Thankfully, we caught happy moments on video: have a quick sneak of the rooftop atmosphere (goosebumps guaranteed!) 

A big thank you to all you people who helped to build and make this happen! Now it’s time to let this garden grow and #maketheworldabetterplate!