Jun 30, 2015 Berlin Blog Ramadan Iftar Night

Ramadan Iftar Night

Ramadan Iftar Night

That was the best date of my life! On Tuesday nearly 100 guests including some families crowded into the Share House, come to learn about Ramadan, meet wonderful new people, and of course to share and eat amazing home-cooked food traditional for Ramadan break-fasts. While waiting for the day to end, we all listened to Nasir and some others share the spiritual reasons for and the fine points of the Ramadan fast. Then as the sun began to set we all breathlessly held our dates and listened as Moder beautifully chanted the evening call to prayer. With the last praise of God echoing through the room we all bit into the sweet syrupy fruit. It was time to eat!

It wasn’t just our Muslim friends in the community who were fasting that day—quite a few of us were trying out fasting for the very first time! Needless to say we all felt so much newfound respect for one another… between hunger pangs. This awesome willingness to try something different and new is what makes a diverse and supportive community like ours such a success. We were likewise so happy to meet many newcomers, who despite the long, hot day and the fast, made their way to celebrate this wonderful occasion with us!

As we all wound our way around the two giant tables covered in delicious food from Syria to Afghanistan, back to Germany and many others, everyone found something—a new favorite dish, a new friend. Then we all found our seats on the sofas, comfy carpets, or squeezed cozily together on the steps outside and quickly fell into deep conversations and incredible stories.

Later Najwa brought out her fantastic Qatayef to share more of the Ramadan sweetness. These pancake-pockets filled with cheese or roasted almost and topped with sweet syrup brought it all perfectly together! But it didn’t end there! With most everyone stuffed from all that great food, the tables, benches, and carpets were carried out of the dining room to the beat of dabke dabke dabke! And so began our post-feast rehabilitation. As the Syrian music turned up, our friends streamed into the room to show us how the dance is done.

When the magical evening came to a breathless and fulfilled close, many left into the cool night with new friends –turned-out-to-be-neighbors to accompany them home. And I think everybody left with excitement to celebrate another Iftar or community event with us again soon! Save the date and keep your emails open—our next Iftar is right around the corner on Thursday, July 9th! We all look forward to seeing you!