Jun 24, 2015 Berlin Blog Growing Social Change

Growing Social Change

Growing Social Change

There’s nothing better after a conference on food sovereignty worldwide than to dive into giant pots of Somali stew with hands full of Anjero! Last night members of our Urban Gardening team presented their joint-project with Refugio to build a rooftop garden, where locals and refugees can plant a beautiful oasis together above the roofs of Berlin. But talking about food is hungry work. Dig in!

After the discussion, where other organizations involved in urban gardening around the world presented their likewise incredible projects, everyone came together to cook with Mohamed and Fadhumo. Sipping Somali cardamom tea between bites of juicy dates, we got started.

Soon the sound of chopping and the rich smell of stewing spices filled the garden as we handed buckets of fresh-chopped veggies down the line to Mohamed, who poured it all into the giant steaming pot. While it all stewed, Fadhumo left to bring along some friends from Kottbusser Tor. Then the food was all done and the time came to break the Ramadan fast. Fadhumo showed us how to eat Somali style—grab a Somali “Anjero” pancake, lay it over your open hand, and scoop up the stew in your food-glove. Nobody needed to be taught the next part.

Between handfuls and mouthfuls of yumminess, the buzz of excited conversations continued throughout the garden. As the evening turned to night, people started to regretfully wander home and to bed—with dreams of new friendships and of the next chance to have an evening like this one.

Good news! You don’t have to wait long at all! We invite all our friends to our next community event, the Ramadan Iftar Nightat Über den Tellerrand on June 30th. We look forward to seeing you again soon!