Jun 12, 2015 Berlin Blog Yay! Our First Supper Club!

Yay! Our First Supper Club!

Yay! Our First Supper Club!

An evening out on the town with four-courses that take you out of this world... Last Friday we had the pleasure of offering our first Supper Club with Ahmed, Reza and Culinary Misfits. Our 70 guests took their seats either out on the avenue, at a candle-lit table inside or in the back garden. That’s where Culinary Misfits greeted them with a taste of the local gardens—fresh out-of-the-oven savory rosemary crisps, topped with a slightly sweet baby carrot puree. And that’s when it all started…

Plate after plate, the courses flowed and everyone’s mouths watered. Ahmed took us from the Germanic countryside to the sunny streets of Cairo with his refreshing triple-dip-hit of hummus, baba ghanouj, and salatit khiyar bil’zabedi. The pita chips crisped and crunched and the rooms filled with the hum of yummy-sounds.

Not long after that, Reza took us to fly on his magic culinary carpet over the rolling mountains of Afghanistan and into the steaming kitchens of Kabul. There we tasted the local gabuli topped with ghormeh bamieh—the perfect mix of sweet and savory—fried rice and okra stew. The fantastic flavors sent us reeling and we found ourselves back in Berlin. Just in time for desert. When the final plate came, our guests found a harmonious mix of local and exotic flavors. The vegan beet brownies, Egyptian fruit salad, and Afghan rice pudding brought the whole experience home. 

The night was a huge success and we can’t wait to open our garden gates again! Stay tuned for more information on the next Supper Club.