Jun 9, 2015 Berlin Blog African Night

African Night

African Night

No doubt left, we found three favourite dishes to add to our yummy-list: Peanut Stew from Gambia, Veggie Stew from Mali and a savoury coconut desert that left every tummy happy.

On Tuesday we had the pleasure to take part in cooking and tasting typical African cuisine on our thematic African Eve in Wettbureau. After a fast chopping marathon, all veggies and ingredients were ready to get cooking. Mustapha, Karim and Mussa whipped up their dishes, while all guests had trouble withstanding the scents of spices and bubbly stewy awesomeness.

With everyone satisfied after desert, it was time to dive into the impressive photography by Muhamed, documenting on firsthand account the refugee situation at Oranienplatz. Following up the visual documentation we welcomed Patras Bwansi, who presented his newly published book in which Patras outlines his experiences and his story as a refugee. A big thank you for sharing, you guys!

Carried along by catchy rhythms, we finally opened the improvised dancefloor to directly boogie all calories away – well at least most of them ;) 

Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Stay tuned and #maketheworldabetterplate!