Jun 4, 2015 Berlin Blog A big cheer to our Champions!

A big cheer to our Champions!

A big cheer to our Champions!

One month, twenty-seven days, a whole lot of minutes we cannot count – sounds like some time passed since the onboarding workshop where we united all Champions for the first time. Not that much time to start a project? Definitely enough to start something big, smart and awesome for the great people who formed our Champion teams!

As we saw at our first Champion Meetup, all teams are busy humming around organizing exciting activities beyond cooking for the Über den Tellerrand community. And as so much has happened in the time already, we enjoyed an easy-going catch-up eve on Thursday. Accompanied by favourite snacks everyone brought to the gathering, we interchanged learnings and forthcomings with one another.

By illustrating a snapshot of their current situation on a flipchart, each team presented their accomplishments, challenges and what they have planned for the future to come.

Performance groups, roofgardening, language exchange and classes, as well as upcycling and crafting workshops are planned and will soon be introduced to the Tellerrand community - already excited? 

Let's #‎maketheworldabetterplate‬