Apr 9, 2015 Berlin Blog Taste, hear and see Afghan culture

Taste, hear and see Afghan culture

Taste, hear and see Afghan culture

Savouring delicately spiced dishes, listening to a breeze of Afghan tale and diving into cinematic art filmed in Kabul – our Afghan evening bore various impressions for everyone to indulge in.

We started the evening with cutting mountains and masses of colourful veggies while engaging in vivid chats and discussions. Sliced carrots, tomatoes, garlic and especially eggplant in abundance found their way into cooking for the splendid Afghan meals of Kabuleh Palaoand Bendanjan Borani. With a great deal of effort and soul, our cook Hashmat managed to fry, flavour and savour his meals for more than eighty people. 

For all the hungry tummies among us, a reading session and two short movies helped withstanding smells of the cooking spices lingering. The books author Tanja Langer drew us into the life of young Afghan Mahboob returning from Germany to Afghanistan, delicately linking the two worlds into one surprising tale named Der Himmel ist ein Taschenspieler. Following a moment of thought and of bonding over slight tunes of Afghan music, short film director Jalal presented us two of his works which we vividly discussed afterwards. The name of Opium as well as Amir&Saraconfronted us with current issues staged in Afghanistan, however, with a message spread beyond borders. 

Finally, no longer resisting smells and looks of fried vegetables and gently spiced rice, everyone got into a well-behaved line queuing up for a plate filled with the steaming and gleaming result of Hashmats’ cooking. Various topics were touched during the Afghan evening we had, having the chance of listening, watching and tasting Afghan culture. Over chats, discussions and multiple more or less ambitioned table soccer matches, a mix of Dari, English and German prevailed with people openly reaching out for one another. 

We thank you for the splendid eve we had with you, may it be one of many!