Jan 7, 2015 Berlin Blog Journey through Pakistan

Journey through Pakistan

Journey through Pakistan

The year 2015 began with a special enquiry for Über den Tellerrand. An enquiry showing that our hard work was worth the effort and beard fruits in many instances. Mrs. Schadt, the domestic partner of Joachim Gauck, the President of Germany, conveyed interest in what we do and asked us to take her on a journey through our projects.

A culinary journey through Pakistan.

Happily excited we welcomed Daniela Schadt and her company for diving with us into the Pakistani life, culture and, of course, cuisine. A cooking class with Shaikh in a relaxed atmosphere provided the perfect framework. Nameplates with our first names and an introduction round eliminated initial reservations. “Who are you and what is your connection to diverse cultures and food?” made everyone get to know each other and built a relation among all participants. An authentic Pakistani welcoming drink created first excited glances and increased everyone’s thrill of anticipation. Also Shaikh’s menu proposal consisting of the two main dishes Chicken Bihari Kebab and Black Dhal let everyone’s mouth start to water. One hour of motivated chatting, cutting vegetables, hashing herbs and listening to Shaikh’s wise words concerning a healthy diet passed in a heartbeat. Do you know why one should cut garlic into thin slices rather than into small dices? Or why one should use Ghee for cooking instead of ordinary butter? Shaikh has a reasonable explanaition for everything on hand and loves to share his passion for cooking.

During the following open conversation, Shaikh brought his home to our creative lounge in the basement. Personal anecdotes underlined with photographs created an unbound atmosphere and made everyone ask honest questions. Why did he have to leave Pakistan and how does he feel in his new home in Berlin?What are his wishes for the future? Would he like to stay or rather go back? The animated discussion let us totally forget time and only the delicious odours that had already filled the whole Social Impact Lab made everyone remeber the Chicken Bihari in the oven!

Punctually for lunch time the food and we were finally ready to relish. With all tables put together, candles lit and Pakistani music put on, the picture of a cosy atmosphere was completed and uncountable “Mhh”, “Yummy” and “Delicious” brought a smile into everyone’s face. Culmination of the afternoon was Shaikh’s sweet Chai tea and motivating words from every side.

We got much helpful feedback and comments as well as new inspiration that day and the whole team is highly motivated to put all ideas for 2015 into practice and therewith to #maketheworldabetterplate.

Stay tuned,Your Über den Tellerrand Team