Nov 5, 2014 Berlin Blog Week One of Crowdfunding

Week One of Crowdfunding

Week One of Crowdfunding

7 days have passed since we launched our Crowdfunding campaign – the fundraising mission to print our book ‘Recipes for a better us’. This recipe book goes beyond food, it is about a society that is growing together. A book that has already raised 60% of its printing costs within a single week!

But what happened behind the scenes of Über den Tellerrand during these 7 days? We are going to take you on a little journey backstage and tell you first-hand…

Day 1: Our Crowdfunding campaign is launched online in the early hours of the morning ( and we have breakfast filled with excited chatter. We talk, smile and laugh together, putting aside the stress for a few moments. At 11am we celebrate the first €1000 with an ice-cold beer. Engrossed in the day’s work, we almost run late for our own kick-off party at the Sameheads Bar Berlin. Wonderful guests, great music, huge support and a fabulous party.

Day 2: Somewhat, ahem, delayed and rather tired, we gather together at the social lab – we are ecstatic with the initial success of our campaign! However, there is much work still to be done, with dishes for our cookbook photographed into the late evening hours.

Day 3: Happy Halloween! Reza, from Afghanistan, and Nina put their Halloween jitters aside and headed to Potsdam for a live interview at the RadioEins studio! The word ‘Crowdfunding’ brings a smile to our face and the entire Über den Tellerrand team is beaming. Our phones don’t stop ringing and our inboxes are jam-packed full of messages.

Day 4 & 5: It’s the weekend but Über den Tellerrand has no time to rest! We communicate constantly through our WhatsApp group ‘ÜdTk’, brainstorming new ideas on how to spread the word about our campaign – and, of course, to celebrate each fundraising milestone!

Day 6: Monday morning and a team meeting is on the agenda. Where do we stand? Where do we want to be and what do we do to get there? Communication plan, printing details, sales and more are discussed whilst the coffee consumption escalates!

Day 7: 60% of our target has been raised! WOW. We are overwhelmed by the support we have received and continue to meet with new ideas for exciting and interesting projects. Our next community project will be put into action over the weekend: cheese production at a farm on the outskirts of Berlin!

As always, we are working hard to #maketheworldabetterplate!

Stay tuned,Your Über den Tellerrand Team