Oct 14, 2014 Berlin Blog Über den Tellerrand kochen turns 1

Über den Tellerrand kochen turns 1

Über den Tellerrand kochen turns 1

This week it is a time of celebration, it is the time for champagne and to look back on everything that we have experienced, learned and achieved over the past year. We are happy to tell you that we have been bringing people together through the act of cooking for exactly one year now- Über den Tellerrand is turning 1!

So what has happened over the past year?

We started off with a colorful cookery book, with recipes and stories from refugees. With this book we not only created awareness for the refugee as a person but also encouraged people to look at the topic of ‘Asylum’ from a different angle.

But this was only the tip of the iceberg! The more we realised that cooking can be a powerful tool to bring together people and cultures, the more we wanted to take our approach to another level. This is why we started organising cooking classes with refugees and community events, when people from different cultures come together to cook, laugh, eat and have a great time.

2 months ago we began a huge campaign, motivating people to approach refugees, cook with them and thereby get to know each other. The response was enormous! Everywhere people started to cook together, we became a huge network – we have started a real movement!

And now?

At the moment we are gathering the recipes, stories and photographs from this movement so that we can put together a new, iconic cooking book. We want to show people in Germany and Europe that getting to know a new person and their culture is a wonderful experience. Anybody can join us.

Together we can #maketheworldabetter plate.

Cheers to you all and looking forward to all the great things yet to come!

Stay tuned,Your Über den Tellerrand Team