Oct 11, 2014 Berlin Blog Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello World!

Cooking connects. And that’s what we want – we want to cook and connect with you. We, the Über den Tellerrand team, want you to stay tuned. We want to engage and motivate, to share and gather stories, to learn as well as to teach so that the world becomes a better plate!

But, who are ‘we’ exactly?

Über den Tellerrand (kochen) is German and can be translated as “cooking over borders”. And that’s basically what we are doing all day long. We are a small and enthusiastic team based in Berlin and we want to push people past the term ‘Asylum’, to promote refugee integration into the resident population. Through our approach of cooking together, we would like to create awareness of refugees as human beings and to see the theme of ‘Asylum’ from a new angle. We would like to motivate exchange between refugees and the local community. Our goal is to establish meetings, eat and drink together whilst sharing stories and memories. The pleasure of cooking together is at the forefront of our vision!

A common vision.

Do you like our idea? Then become a part of it!

We want this blog to be a platform for sharing. A place to share experiences, exciting ideas, mouth-watering experiments, colourful cultures, stories and much more. We want you to be part of Über den Tellerrand and, of course, we want to inform you about contemporary movements and news from culinary Berlin!

Moreover, we would like to introduce you to our friends who we cooked with and tell their story – we want to break down barriers, to enlighten and educate us all.

So now: we welcome you, to welcome them :-)

Stay tuned,Your Über den Tellerrand Team