Über den Tellerrand in 60 seconds
Zwei Wochen lang hatten wir den Container von Kitchen on the Run in Frankfurt im Juni 2017 zu Besuch. Als Ort der Begegnung brachte er Menschen bei der Nacht der Museen, beim sonntäglichen Picknick, bei sechs Kochabenden und zwei Job Buddy Meet-Ups zusammen. Es wurde bunt gekocht, getanzt, geredet und gelacht.
Die Markthalle IX in Kreuzberg. Ein Ort für Willkommenskultur, die neugierig und satt macht. Für ein Monat schmeißen jetzt Mzkin und Azad die Kantine der Markthalle. Die beiden Syrer sind vor wenigen Monaten aus Damaskus geflohen. Mzkin hatte sein eigenes Restaurant, Azad ist gelernter Koch. Rumsitzen und abwarten ist nicht ihr Ding, sie wollen in der neuen Heimat ankommen. Mitgebracht haben sie ihre Rezepte und Kochkünste. Jeden Tag tischen sie nun syrische Spezialitäten zur Mittagszeit auf. Möglich gemacht wurde das einmalige Projekt durch die Initiative "Über den Tellerrand kochen” und die Betreiber der Markthalle IX. Die Idee: Zusammen kochen und essen, sich auf Augenhöhe begegnen und miteinander statt übereinander zu reden. Ein Beitrag für ARD Buffet.

We are Über den Tellerrand

Über den Tellerand (‘beyond your plate’ in English) is a commonly used German expression for open-mindedness. Our organisation was founded in 2013 and is based in Berlin.What started out as a student project, has become an enriching and inclusive international community where ‘people on the move’ come to find a sense of belonging and experience care and compassion. At the same time, we provide avenues for ‘people on the move’ to enrich their host communities by sharing their own knowledge and unique skillsets.We apply a holistic approach to the complex process of integrating newcomers into German society, while at the same time acknowledging and empowering their agency. By bringing newcomers together with their host communities, we aim to create a sense of belonging as well as reduce stereotypes and prejudices on both sides. These efforts contribute towards the creation of a more united, inclusive and open society.

How it works

With the earnings of our cookbooks and cooking classes we support our non-profit association. In addition to that, our organisation is financed by state funding and private donations. People from different cultures meet regularly at eye level to learn from each other and to appreciate each others diversity. All our community events are free of charge.

As a model project, Über den Tellerrand inspires and motivates encounters and exchanges between cultures. Our network already includes intercultural communities in over 30 cities, which we call 'satellites'. Also there, we bring together people form different cultures in culinary, creative and sporting events and promote sustainable friendship building. In doing so, we actively promote the emergence of an open and tolerant society.

Kitchen Hub

The home of our Über den Tellerrand family, located in Berlin - Schöneberg,  is a space we call the “Kitchen Hub”.

In the Kitchen Hub, we encourage face-to-face encounters between the local community and refugees - we cook, work, reflect and spend time together. In this shared space, cultural diversity is tangible; beyond prejudices and media images, the Kitchen Hub offers people the opportunity to learn from one another and discover new cultures.

In cooperation with the Habitat Unit department of the Technical University of Berlin and the organisation CoCoon, the Kitchen Hub was planned and actualized by an intercultural team of teachers, refugees and students.

Location: Roßbachstraße 6, 10829 Berlin

Über den Tellerrand
Über den Tellerrand
Ina Peppersack
Ina Peppersack 2. Vorstand | Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Esther Bernsen
Esther Bernsen 1. Vorstand | Koordination Satelliten Netzwerk
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Linn Kaldinski
Linn Kaldinski Ehrenamts- und Community Management für Berlin
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Katja Elsner
Katja Elsner Ehrenamts- und Community Management
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Abo Hiba
Abo Hiba Humorvoller Hobbykoch aus Syrien
Mudar Leidenschaftlicher Koch und Arabischlehrer
Farzaneh Begabte Köchin aus Afghanistan
Ghaith Experimentierfreudiger Koch und Architekturstudent
Khaled Hobbykoch aus Syrien
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Oct 2013 Formation/Emergence Founding and publication from the 1. cookbook
Mar 2014 Social Impact Lab Moving into the Social Impact Lab. From an Idea to a project
May 2014 First cooking class Show classes
Jul 2014 Join-Action Germany-wide call for cooking
Nov 2014 2nd cookery book All experiences from cooking- encounters , favorite recipes and personal stories of escapes form theShop
Jan 2015 Community Formation of the vision of a big, networked community
Mar 2015 Association the foundation of our Association
May 2015 Champions First Champions Onboarding Workshop with the upcoming idea of Spin-offsShow Champions projects
Jul 2015 Summer School Concept development and construction of our Kitchen Hub
Sep 2015 Pop-up Restaurant first Pop-up Restaurant with 70 guests
Oct 2015 Markthalle Neun An Egypt-Syrian cooking crew leads the “Kantine neun” at Markthalle 9 for 1,5 monthsVideo
Oct 2015 Meisterköche Berlin Partner for Economy and Technology selected us to the gastronomic innovator of 2015
Nov 2015 First Satellites congress First Satellites congress throughout the whole of Germany with 40 voluntary contributors
Nov 2015 Grand Opening! Kitchen Hub opening party
Apr 2016 Kitchen on the Run Kitchen on the Run goes Europekitchenontherun.org
May 2016 Job Buddies Kick off: Mentoring project 'Job Buddies'More
Sep 2016 3rd cookbook Star and top chefs create cross-cultural menus with cooking enthusiastic refugeesShop
Oct 2016 Building Bridges (2) Unser dreijähriges Mentoring Projekt Building Bridges beginntMore
Nov 2016 Second Satellites congress Second Satellites congress throughout the whole of Germany with 40 voluntary contributors
May 2017 Next Stop: Heimat Our kitchen container "Kitchen on the Run" travels through small German citieskitchenontherun.org
Jun 2017 1. Advisory Board Meeting